for those that have lost



LOSS Team: Local Outreach to Survivors of Suicide


The Logan/Champaign County LOSS Team consists of 20 volunteers who work in partnership with both the Coroner and Law Enforcement to respond to scenes of completed suicides in an effort to provide support and resources to the newly bereaved.  Our team was trained by and follows the model developed by Dr. Frank Campbell of Baton Rouge, LA (


Our team consists of professionals, community members and survivors of suicide.  Working together, we have been able to connect nearly 60 families impacted by suicide loss in our community.  The installation of hope happens when the newly bereaved can connect with a fellow survivor during such a tragic time. Team members are devoted and committed to helping family and friends who suffer these tragic losses of those they love.  It is important to know they are not alone and support and help is available in our community.


If you have questions about the LOSS Team or would like to learn more, please call 937-465-1045.